East Clandon Help Operation (ECHO)

ECHO is a village service that connects those that need help with those who can help.
If you live in East Clandon and need help:

email echo@eastclandon.org.uk
or Telephone our mobile answering service on 0751-366-2409
or Text  0751-366-2409
and leave a message for us.

Simply tell us:

1. Your name and phone number
2. The help you need and when you need it.

We then inform all our team of village volunteers by email of your request (without revealing your name or number). Of the volunteers who offer to help, we ask one to phone you to discuss and agree the details with you. Our aim is to do this within 8 hours.

The type of Help is determined by you but should only be for  'planned help' and should not be used for immediate help or emergencies.  If nobody volunteers to help you, we will let you know no later than 8 hours after your request so that you can look elsewhere.

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