East Clandon Parish Council

About your East Clandon Parish Council (ECPC)

We serve this rural village community of East Clandon, within Guildford Borough.

The Role of your ECPC

  • To give our villagers a say at the local level on issues that affect them and to represent our village's interests to Guildford Borough Council and Surrey County Council.  Council members of both GBC and SCC attend our regular parish council meetings.

  • We are responsible for maintaining the village open spaces and facilities owned by the ECPC.

  • We have a right to be notified of all planning applications within our Parish boundary and we are consulted by GBC. This means that the Parish Council has influence on strategic planning issues and a range of other matters affecting our community.

  • We also help facilitate and build our village community alongside other village organisations.
    Funding for the work of the ECPC comes in the main from the precept from GBC. The precept is a percentage of the Council Tax.

The Portfolio of Roles within the Parish Council

  Declaration of
Pecuniary Interests

Parish Clerk All initial contacts and correspondence initially to the Parish Clerk, please.
Diana Thornhill parishclerk@eastcland*n.org.uk 07775 892508  
  Warren Farm House, Guildford Road, Effingham, KT24 5QG
Sibylla Tindale sibylla.tindale@eastcland*n.org.uk 225660 Declaration
  Leads on Finance, Budget setting, Fundraising, Communication, Planning if Lead unavailable
Vice Chair  
James Eves james.eves@eastcland*n.org.uk 07983 624552 Declaration
  Leads on Recreation ground/ Open Spaces/ Gardens
Clare Goodall clare.goodall@eastcland*n.org.uk 222595 Declaration
  Lead on Planning
Al Mundy al.mundy@eastcland*n.org.uk 07791 115962 Declaration
  Lead on IT provision, Data Protection
Ian Peacock ian.peacock@eastcland*n.org.uk 225110 Declaration
  Lead on Roads, Road safety, Speedwatch
Matt Pitt From May 2019    
  Lead on Projects

Email addresses have had one vowel replaced with * to prevent them being copied. Please replace the * with the vowel when you use them.

Becoming a Parish Councillor

Being a Parish Councillor is rewarding and is a public service to the village. Councillors have a duty to represent the needs and interests of the village residents. All Councillors contribute to the work of the Parish Council by:
  • Recommending ideas and implementing better services
  • Responding to the needs and views of the villagers
  • Seeking the best outcome to meet local issues
Decisions are taken in discussion and agreement at the ECPC meetings to achieve the best outcome for the village. The meetings are minuted and are available on this website.

Our Policies

Safeguarding Policy (PDF)
Data Protection Policy (PDF)
Code of Conduct (PDF)
Document Retention Policy (PDF)
Traveller Policy (PDF)
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