Minutes of the East Clandon Parish Council Meeting
held in the Village Hall on Monday 31st March 2003

Cathy McMullan (Chairman)
Anne Randall
Andrew Hogarth
Mary Leech (Clerk)

Richard Molvidson, Roger Nickolds, Cllr David Davis

Also present:
Cllr Jenny Wicks, Cllr Jen Powell
6 members of the public

1417 Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting of 24th February
The Minutes were approved.

1418 Matters arising
Item 1415 Job description of parish clerk. The Draft Job Description was adopted by the Council

1419 Planning matters / Declaration of Interest

i. Application for certificate of lawfulness of existing use or development: approval by GBC. (note: The original application had not been received by the Parish Clerk).
ii. Clandon Manor Farm. Declaration of Interest by Andrew Hogarth.Letters have been received from Charles Planning Associates (who act on behalf of the Developers of Clandon Manor farm) by the clerk and several residents in the village. Revised plans for this development are to be submitted to GBC.The residents of the village will be kept informed of news of any plans/developments.

1420 Financial matters
Cheques issued and monies received. Council members were provided with an itemised summary of accounts since the last meeting.John Evans was thanked for volunteering to be Internal Auditor for the coming year, and was duly appointed.

1421 Traffic calming
The Local Committee has resolved that the package of measures in the Report and shown in the Plans be approved. The Traffic Regulation Order will be put into effect in the coming financial year.Cathy stressed that there are at present no changes proposed to the New Road junction: it is to be subject to a period of monitoring.

1422 Any other business

i. Risk Assessment. To await a report at the next meeting from the sub-committee consisting of John Evans, Roger and Richard.
ii. Freedom of Information Act. Our Parish Council Model Scheme has been accepted by the Information Commissioner for a period from 28 February 2003 to 28 February 2007.
iii. Parish Precept 2003/4. The precept as requested of £4730 will be paid in two instalments, the first of which will be processed on Tuesday 8th April.
iv. Surrey Crimestoppers. Leaflets about this organisation were made available.
v. Surrey Hills marker posts. Some of these have been vandalised, but are now being replaced.
vi. Footpath 74. the Footpath Officer has been contacted in reference to the very muddy condition of this path. Mary will follow this up.
vii. 'Joy-riders' along Back Lane. Gill Culmer (Neighbourhood Watch) has contacted PC Steve Hill following an incident along the section of Back Lane between the duck-pond and Clandon Manor Farm. Residents are asked to report any further incidents.

The meeting closed at 9 pm

Those present at the meeting were encouraged to make use of the village tennis courts. Also to know that the summer season has now opened at Hatchlands. Walking permits are available from Mary.

Proposed Dates of meetings for the coming year
Monday 19 May AGM
Monday 7 July
Monday 1 September
Monday 13 October
Monday 24 November
Monday 5 January 2004

Mary Leech, Parish Clerk