Minutes of the East Clandon Parish Council Meeting
held in the Village Hall on Monday 28th October 2002

Mrs C McMullan (Chairman)
Mr R Molvidson
Mr R Nickolds
Mrs A Randall
Mrs M Leech (Clerk)

Cllr David Davis, Cllr Jenny Wickes; Andrew Hogarth

Also present:
8 members of the public

1385 Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting of 23rd September 2002
These Minutes were amended as follows:
i. Andrew Hogarth's name was added to those present.
ii. Item 1383,v. The Council agreed the appointment of John Evans as Internal Auditor, and that he would complete Section 4 of the Annual Return.

The Minutes were approved.

1386 Matters arising

1379. The bollards at the entrance to the village from the A246
These are soon to be replaced with an upgraded design. At the same time there will be a non-illuminated sign, a Class I reflected sign.

1380, iii. The well in Tunmore Fields.
It was decided to restore and improve the safety of the well, and this work will be budgeted for our precept request for the year ahead. Action Roger

1381. Proposed developments in West Clandon (Gosden Hill Farm site).
Cathy attended both meetings, 27th September and 10th October, and reported back to the Council that there was overall opposition to this development proceeding.
It was decided that Cathy will write on behalf of the Council to express our objections.
Individuals were also urged to write with their reasons for objection. Action Cathy

1383, iv.
Following a donation of £100 sent to the West Clandon PCC, a letter of thanks has been received from their War Memorial Restoration Committee.

1387 Gardening Contract
The Village has been given the Silver Award for the best kept village
in the 2002 'Guildford In Bloom' contest. The Wishing Well Pub has
been given the Gold Award for the best frontage of a village pub.

Jim Bacon was thanked by the Chairman, Cathy McMullan, on behalf of the Parish Council and all present for the work he has done in the village this year. There is a noted improvement in the look of the village.

i. The bund.
Adam Johnson has received estimates for the purchase of young trees, and for their planting. It was decided to accept the estimate from 'Coblands' for the purchase only, and for the planting to be done by Jim Bacon, liasing with Roger. Action Roger

ii. The pond. Richard Twigg was thanked by the Chairman, Cathy McMullan on behalf of the Parish Council and all present for his continuing work with the pond: it is recognised as a great asset for the village. Ian Haines has cut the roadside verges alongside the pond; Jim Bacon will be asked to clear the weeds around the edge of the pond, and to trim the hedge where needed. The owners of the land behind (Century Farming) have spoken with Mr Twigg and have said they will cut back the hedge where they can get equipment in.

It was agreed that the specific maintenance needs of the pond and its surrounds will be included in the budget for next year.

1388 Planning Matters

i. Tree work at the cemetery

ii. Daphne Cottage: internal alterations
The Council have no objections.

iii. The owner of Clandon Manor Farm, Mark Savage, was present at the meeting to show to those present his proposed plans for development of the property for residential use. He was thanked. The Council will make any formal comments when the plans have been submitted.

1389 Financial matters
The second precept for this year has arrived.

Annual Return. This is now complete, and ready to be sent off.
i. Statement of Accounts. Approved by the Council.
ii. Statement of Assurance. Approved by the Council with explanatory letter enclosed, relating to Risk Assessment.

Risk Assessment. A sub-committee consisting of Richard Molvidson, Roger Nickolds and John Evans was set up to assess our risks in both public and internal liability.

John Evans was given a token of appreciation by the chairman and Council for his work as Internal Auditor.

Precept for 2003/04. Preliminary discussion took place. (The budget for the year ahead cannot be finalised until we know the results of our Grant Application.) It must be decided what level of maintenance is needed overall in the village. During the past year much heavy garden work of a restoration nature has been carried out which will not be needed again. Action Sub-commitee

1390 Any other business

i. Roger has circulated some 'Freeedom of Information' Act papers.

ii. Ann told the meeting that the footpath at the bottom of the Old Epsom Road has been satisfactorily cleared.

iii. Village Wreath for Remembrance Sunday. This will be laid by Ann.
iv. There will be a door-to-door collection throughout the village for Poppy Day.

v. Traffic Safety Scheme. The Feasibility Study is now complete and has been presented to Surrey Highways Department for their consideration.

vi. Surrey Association of Parish and Town Councils. Roger will investigate the advantages of this Council becoming a member. Action Roger

vii. Delia has resigned from her position as Tree Warden because she is soon leaving the village. Another volunteer is needed. The request will be put on the village website.

Date of next meeting:

Wednesday 4th December