Minutes of the East Clandon Parish Council Meeting

Held in the Village Hall on Monday 24th June 2002

Mrs C McMullan (Chairman)
Mr A Hogarth
Mr R Nickolds
Mrs M Leech (Clerk)

Mr R Molvidson
Mrs A Randall
Cllr Andrew French
Cllr Jen Powell

Also present:
Cllr David Davies
Cllr Jenny Wicks
PC Steve Hill
PC Matt Walker
PC Tony Bowyer (Casualty Reduction Officer for the Guildford Area)

41 members of the public


1363 Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting of 13th May 2002

These Minutes were approved.

1364 Matters arising

No Matters arising

1365 Traffic calming

The chairman welcomed Mr Derek Lake, Surrey County Council's Transportation Manager for Guildford, and explained the traffic problems in the village and the origins of its Village Safety Scheme Report of July 2001. Mr Lake complimented East Clandon Parish Council on the excellent quality of this Traffic Report.
The Guildford Local Committee of SCC has approved the funding of a Safety Scheme Feasibility Study for East Clandon.
He then asked the members of the public present to put to him the problems faced in the village, and along both the Ripley Road and the A426.
For his response, and for details of the discussion, see the Appendix to these Minutes.

1366 Police Community Liaison Group

Referred to next meeting

1367 Guildford's Community Plan

Referred to next meeting

1368 Planning Matters

GBC Approval given for Clandon Field House conservatory
Plans received for tree work at Frogmore Cottage

1369 Financial matters

Cheques issued
Roger Nickolds £350:00 (reimbursement for village gardening work)
Adam Johnson £ 95:00 (reimbursement for application to GBC
for bund work)

Cheques received
D&E Roberts £881:25 (bund works)
Tennis court £412:50 (subs)
Closed Churchyard £190:00 (grant)

1370 Any Other Business

There was none.


The next meeting of the Parish Council will be on Monday 5th August
at 8:15 pm in the village hall

Dates of future meetings:

Monday 23rd September
Monday 28th October
Wednesday 4th December

Mary Leech
Parish Clerk