Minutes of the East Clandon Parish Council Meeting
held in the Village Hall on Monday 23rd September 2002

Mrs C McMullan (Chairman)
Mr R Molvidson
Mr R Nickolds
Mrs A Randall
Mrs M Leech (Clerk)

Cllr Andrew French

Also present
Cllr Jenny Wickes
Cllr David Davies
5 members of the public


1378 Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting of 5th August 2002.
These Minutes were approved.

1379 Matters arising

1377.1 Footpaths
The condition of the verge on the left hand side entrance to Back Lane (beyond Clandon Manor Supplies, up to footpath 74) was discussed. It will be reconsidered next year when the gardening contract is re-negotiated.

The bollards at the entrance to the village off the A246 have yet to be replaced. Action Cathy

1380 Tunmore Fields
i. Matthew Pitt, who leases the fields from the Council for the grazing of horses, has asked the Council to consider the erection of a temporary shelter in the fields. In principle, the Council has no objection: Mr Pitt was asked to seek advice from the Planning Department as to what is classed as temporary or needing planning permission. Compost from the fields will be available to residents of the village, in Spring 2003.
ii. The restoration of the ancient hedgerow across the fields. It is possible that there would be a grant available for the purchase of trees for this purpose. The matter will be considered for a project for Autumn 2003. Action Grant?
iii. The well at the side of these fields. It is believed to be in the region of 300-400 years old, and possibly 80 feet deep. A decision whether to restore it or to permanently seal it off will be made at the next meeting. The manhole cover is cracked, but still considered to be safe. Action Roger - Grant?

1381 Proposed development in West Clandon
This was discussed at length; the Council could not reach common agreement.
There will be a meeting at West Clandon village hall on 27th September for everyone to air their views. Also, there will be an Open Meeting of the GBC on 10th October at the Civic Hall, with opportunity for the public to speak.

1382 Planning matters

Home Farm Buildings.
The new, amended application is currently being circulated among the council for their comments. Action Council

1383 Financial matters

i. Cheques issued
15th August Roger Nickolds £336.96 (Reimbursement for village gardening work by Jim Bacon, and purchases of fuel for mower)
9th September Richard Molvidson £164.48 (reimbursement for purchase of filing cabinet and files from Viking Direct, for the storage of village archives.)
9th September Roger Nickolds £476.51 (reimbursement for village gardening work by Jim Bacon, purchase of hedge trimmer, fence posts for Tunmore Fields, and fuel)

ii. Cheques received

iii. renewal of subscription to CPRE.
The annual subscription of £17.50 for the coming year will be renewed. Action Mary

iv. restoration of war memorial in West Clandon.
A donation of £100 will be sent to West Clandon PCC. Action Mary

1384 Any Other Business

i. Bund work.
Adam Johnson is receiving estimates for the planting of the bund.

ii. concurrent functions grant.
This will be considered in detail by the chairman and the clerk. Suggestions are for a village sign, and for gardening equipment. Action Cathy / Mary

iii. precept for 2003
The request for this will be discussed at the next meeting.

iv. village skip
It was decided not to hire a skip for village use.

v. drains
A complaint was made about the continued poor condition of the drains along the Ripley Road.

vi. Inclusion of Minutes in parish magazine.
Ann will send a summary of our minutes to the editor of the Clandon Parish Magazine, for items of interest to be included in some issues. Action Ann

Dates of future meetings:

Monday 28th October
Wednesday 4th December