Minutes of the East Clandon Parish Council Meeting
held in the Village Hall on Monday 15th September 2003

Richard Molvidson, Roger Nickolds, Andrew Hogarth
Mary Leech (Clerk)

Cathy McMullan, Alison Woolgar

Also present:
1 member of the public

There were no declarations of personal or prejudicial interests to be registered.

In the absense of Cathy, it was proposed by Andrew and seconded by Roger that Richard should take the seat as chairman tor this meeting.

1436 Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting of Monday 7th July 2003
The amended Minutes were approved, and signed as a correct record of the meeting.

1437 Matters arising

item 1428 Disability Discrimination Act. Playground equipment.
In view of the ROSPA Report Roger and Richard, together with Jim Bacon, will assess the work that needs to be carried out.
(see item 1439 below, Grant Aid).
Peter Davey from Cherry Trees has verbally commented that there is “no problem for access for most children with disability”.
The Council will request a Report from ROSPA on a biennial basis. Action Roger/Richard

item 1430. Surrey Hills. In response to Cathy’s letter to the Surrey Hills AONB Officer, it seems almost impossible for the village to be included in the Surrey Hills.

item 1432. Quality Council. The DEFRA papers are with individual members of the Council for more detailed reading. Discussion deferred to the next meeting. Action Council

1438 Planning matters
No new applications.

The Application from The Paddocks for a Certificate of Lawfulness has been considered by the Council, but with the knowledge that there are no grounds for Objection.
Church Cottage. Approved by GBC
Cherry Trees Sign board. Approved by GBC, and in position facing the A246.

1439 Financial matters
Cheques issued and monies received. Council members were provided with an itemised summary of accounts since the last meeting, also a statement of our current account.

Concurrent Grant Aid applications for the coming year.
The following suggestions were discussed:
i. Playground. Subject to the inspection by Richard and Roger the cost is estimated to be between £500 and £1000, for which a 50% grant will be sought.
ii. Well on Tunmore Triangle. The Conservation Department has inspected it and have no objection to its restoration. We are eligible for a 10% grant from the Historic Buildings Fund, and 20% also from Surrey Historic Buildings Trust Ltd. The cost is estimated at £600, for which a 50% grant will be sought.
iii. Village pond. The cost for cleaning and maintenance is estimated at £300, for which a 50% grant will be sought.
iv. Laying of a pipe drain along the west edge of Tunmore Triangle (between the entrance to Sawpit Lane and up to the field entrance – approximately 30 yards). Before a decision is made, Roger will find out if this could be done by either SCC or GBC. Action Roger

Application for these grants will be dependent on the above decisions being made.

1440 Audit
i. The amendment requested by the Auditor was approved by the Council, and initialled by the Clerk who will return the forms to the Auditor immediately. Action Mary

ii. Briefing Notes from the Auditor. These will be considered before next year’s audit takes place. Action Mary

1441 Any other business
i. Roger said that he will be attending. the next Police Community Partnership Group meeting There were no matters to be raised.
ii. The broken notice board on Tunmore Triangle has been repaired and replaced by Jim Bacon.
iii. Richard reported on the recent West Clandon meeting about new housing developments.
iv. Bus shelters. Ray Corstin has volunteered to repair these two shelters.
v. The Clandons: A Look at the Past. The Council approved the cost of £60 for the book to be scanned and placed on our village web-site. Action Richard
vi. The Council approved the annual subscription of £25 to the CPRE. Action Mary

1442 Date of next meeting
Monday 13th October

Dates of future meetings

Monday 24 November
Monday 5 January 2004

Mary Leech, Parish Clerk