Minutes of the East Clandon Parish Council Meeting

Mrs C McMullan (Chairman)
Mrs A Randall
Mr R Nickolds
Mr A Hogarth
Mr G Dixon (as outgoing Clerk)
Mrs M Leech (as new Clerk)

Mr R Molvidson
Cllr D Davis
Cllr J Wicks

Also present:
4 members of the public


1347 Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting of 4th March 2002 were amended with the addition of Apologies from Cllr Jenny Wicks and PC Steve Hill. The amended Minutes were approved.

1348 Matters arising

1339 a) Footpaths across common. Mrs Randall has inspected, and the general condition is satisfactory. She will keep an ongoing eye on these paths. Action Anne.

1339 c) The clerk has contacted the Council.

1343 Gardening Contract. Mr Tim Bacon has been appointed as Village Gardening Contractor. He will provide Mr Nickolds with invoices for his work, to be passed on to the clerk.
The new lawnmower is not powerful enough for the rough grass of the common. Mr Nickolds will investigate alternative mowers for hire or loan. The mower and the strimmer are both covered by our insurance. Action Roger
An expression of satisfaction was made in the work carried out to date by Mr Bacon.

1349 Planning Matters

a) Park and Ride in Merrow. Mrs McMullan will again write on behalf of the Council to the Department of the Environment. Action Cathy

b) Tree removal/replanting on the bund. The Tree Officer will be coming to inspect the site. The Parish council has no objection to the removal and re-siting of the trees. Mr Adam Johnson of Rosebank Cottage will liase with the Tree officer.

c) Retention of lean-to pergola at The Old Parsonage has been approved.

d) New application. 1 Home Farm cottages, for a two storey side extension.
The Parish Council has no objections.

1350 Model Code of Conduct

This has been adopted by the Parish Council. The Clerk will submit the completed forms to GBC. Copies of the completed forms are to be retained for inspection if required. Action Clerk.

1351 Financial matters

a) cheques issued. One cheque, £68.94, to replenish cartridge in photocopier (loaned and returned).
b) Precept received for the first half of 2002/03, for £1747:50.
c) The cash flow for 2002/03 was accepted.

1352 Hatchlands Walking Permits

The new three-year permits are now available. They will be issued, free, to all who live in the Village and who apply to the Clerk. Publicity will be via the parish magazine, the Village Notice Board and the Web-site.

1353 Traffic Calming

Mrs McMullan has again written to SCC informing them of further recent accidents. She asked everyone to keep her informed of any accident.

1354 Any Other Business

a) Mr Peter Smart has asked Council members to review our Website with respect to any alterations, improvements or updating. Action Council.

b) Mrs Randall asked for the hedge on the left corner of the Old Epsom Road and entrance to The Street to be cut back to improve visibility. Mr Nickolds will ask the occupier of the house behind the hedge if they have any objections to this being done. Action Roger

c) Mrs Randall asked for the milestone which is on the verge outside the Clandon Regis Golf Club to be replaced facing in the correct direction. Mr Nickolds will discuss this with the manager of the Golf Club. Action Roger

d) Mrs McMullan thanked Mr Dixon for his years service to the Parish Council as Clerk; he was presented with a token of appreciation from all on the Council

1355 Date of next meeting

Monday 13th May 2002. This will also be the Annual General Meeting of the Council.

Please also note the change in dates of some of the meetings planned for the year ahead:

Monday 24th June
Monday 5th August
Monday 23rd September
Monday 28th October
Wednesday 4th December