Minutes of the East Clandon Parish Council Meeting   

Mrs C McMullan (Chairman)
Mr A Hogarth
Mr R Molvidson
Mr R Nickolds
Mrs A Randall
Mrs M Leech (Clerk)

Cllr Andrew French
Cllr Jen Powell
Cllr David Davies

Also present:
Cllr Jenny Wicks
10 members of the public


1356 Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting of 15th April 2002 were approved.

1357 Matters arising

Cutting of grass on The Common. There has not yet been found a mower powerful enough to cut this grass. Neil Robertson volunteered to cut it; once done, Jim Bacon will be able to keep it under control.

1354 (c)
The milestone has been replaced, facing the right way!

1354 (b)
Roger has met with the owners of Ryde Cottage, who will arrange for the hedges to be cut back.

1358 Planning Matters

Home Farm Buildings, Ripley Road
Cathy McMullan welcomed the new owners of Home Farm Buildings who proceeded to explain their business and the nature of their proposed use for the buildings; they also gave some added details to the plans.

1359 Street Furniture

In response to a letter received from the Department of Environmental and Planning Services asking the parish council of any items likely to be requested the following was suggested:
repair of the bus shelter on the A246 (a panel kicked in)

(Replacement of the road signs on the corner of The Street and A246. This has not yet been done; Cathy has written to Mr Cheeseman at SCC Highways Department.) Action: Clerk to write.

1360 Financial matters

cheques issued
Roger Nickolds £257.98 (reimbursement)
Three Valley Water £ 25.77
Audit Commission £475.88
Village Hall £450.00
WebSite (Peter Smart) £ 32.88
Insurance premium £459.54

cash received
Molvidson (Village map) 00.50p

1353 Traffic Calming

Cathy repeated her request to be told about every accident noticed in the village/on the A246 junctions. Action: All councillors.

1624 Any Other Business

1) Appointment of representative from the Parish Council to the Village Hall Committee.
Richard Molvidson was nominated;
Proposed by Cathy McMullan
Seconded by Andrew Hogarth
In the absence of any further nominations and with the full approval of the Parish Council, Richard Molvidson was appointed.

2) Tree Officer. Mrs Delia Neil was appointed.

3) Donation a mulberry tree to the Parish Council by Delia Neil. Delia was thanked and, in her new role as Tree Officer, asked to look for a suitable position. Delia will liaise with Roger Nickolds, and with Jim Bacon.

4) The Golf Course will be asked to cut down the hawthorn hedge at their exit on to the A246. Action: Roger

5) Ann Randall will cut back the stinging nettles at the end of The Old Epsom Road. Action: Ann

6) Ann Randall requested that the middle part of New Road be tidied up. The verge and hedge is owned by the National Trust, and Mr David Brock-Doyle, present at the meeting, said that he would have it done.

7) Tunmore Triangle
The remains of an old well-head needs a new manhole cover. Roger will pursue the matter with GBC because there is a possibility of a grant for its restoration / replacement. Action: Roger

8) Horse Pasture Management Project
A Report is being prepared both on the ancient field boundary and also on the condition of the pasture of the Tunmore Triangle. Action: Roger

9) Drains in the Ripley Road
Because of flooding in time of heavy rain, the Clerk will contact GBC to clean the edge of the road, and the Highways Department of SCC to unblock the drains.

The next meeting of the Parish Council will be on Monday 24th June

Dates of future meetings:
Monday 24th June
Monday 5th August
Monday 23rd September
Monday 28th October
Wednesday 4th December