Minutes of the East Clandon Parish Council Meeting
held in the Village Hall on Monday 7th July 2003

Cathy McMullan (Chairman), Richard Molvidson, Roger Nickolds,
Alison Woolgar, Andrew Hogarth
Mary Leech (Clerk)

Cllr Jenny Wicks, Cllr Jen Powell

Also present:
Cllr David Davis
3 members of the public

Declarations of personal or prejudicial interests were registered.

1423 Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting of Monday 19th May 2003
Amendment was made to correct item 1420, to read:"The final draft Risk Assessment was agreed and adopted."

The amended Minutes were approved, and signed as a correct record of the meeting.

1424 Matters arising
item 1420.i. war memorial. Cathedral Works Organisation (the company who repaired the monument in 1996) has provided the Council with an approximate complete replacement value in the region of £10-12,000. This will be incorporated into our asset register.item 1420.ii. Tunmore Field. The clerk has written to Matthew Pitt.

1425 Planning matters
i. telecommunications mast. No further information.ii. Other applications:New Manor Farm. New plans to be submitted.Cherry Trees. GBC has been informed of the Council's comments.Huggins Cottage. Application withdrawn.Appletree House (tree lopping). Approved by GBC.Church Cottage. No objections.

1426 Financial matters
Cheques issued and monies received. Council members were provided with an itemised summary of accounts since the last meeting, also a statement of our current account.Statement of assurances. This was approved by the Council.The Internal Auditor's Report (John Evans) was received, note was taken of its content. John was warmly thanked.

1427 Risk assessment. See item 1423 above.

1428 Disability Discrimination Act.
Disability Discrimination Act. Playground Equipment. An information document has been received from the company which provided us with our playground equipment about the necessity of complying with this Act which will come into force in 2004; included with this document is a checklist. Richard will provide a report at the next meeting on the state of our equipment in the light of this Act. Cathy will ask Cherry Trees for any comments and liase with Richard. Action Cathy/Richard

1429 Tree Warden's Report
(Tim Yorath) The comments made were noted. Action will be taken as appropriate. The Clerk will write to Tim thanking him for this thorough Report. Action Clerk

1430 Surrey Hills - request for the inclusion of the village in the Surrey Hills.
Cathy will discuss the pros and cons with Rob Fairbanks, the Surrey Hills AONB Officer. Action Cathy/Richard

1432 'Quality Council' - looking to the future.
The 'Quality Council Information' document will be re-circulated among council members for further discussion, and to ascertain if it is appropriate for us to apply for Quality Council Status. Action Council

1433 Any other business
i. Roger reported on the recent Police Community Partnership Group meeting which he attended.ii. In response to a question from the public about any developments in our traffic calming expectations, Cathy reported that there is not yet been any further information.iii. The imminent retirement of David Brock-Doyle, as Property Manager of Clandon Park and Hatchlands was noted. He was warmly thanked for his interest and help in village affairs.

1434 Date of next meeting
Monday 15th September

Dates of future meetings

Monday 13 October
Monday 24 November
Monday 5 January 2004

Mary Leech, Parish Clerk