Minutes of the East Clandon Parish Council Meeting
held in the Village Hall on Monday 5th August 2002

Mrs C McMullan (Chairman)
Mr R Molvidson
Mr R Nickolds
Mrs A Randall
Mrs M Leech (Clerk)

Mr A Hogarth
Cllr David Davies

Also present
Cllr Andrew French
Cllr Jen Powell
Cllr Jenny Wicks
2 members of the public


1371 Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting of 24th June 2002.
These Minutes together with the Appendix on Traffic Calming, were approved.

1372 Matters arising

1365 Traffic calming
Cathy has communicated with Derek Lake our appreciation of his attendance and generous giving of his time at our last meeting. In response he has indicated that the brief for the feasibility study is being prepared..

1373 Police Community Liaison Group
Roger attended the meeting held on 28th May, together with other representatives from parishes and their councils. He will provide a few notes taken at the meeting, and also attend the next, to be held on 7th October. Action: Roger.

1374 Guildford's Community Plan ("Your community: your future")Cathy attended the meeting held on 19th June, attended by Borough Councillors, together with approximately 80 representatives from parishes in our area. It was a successful consultation exercise, with good attempt at communicating with the public. A Newsletter has been circulated and a draft Community Plan will be produced in September.

1375 Planning matters

Home Farm Cottages
There was no objection from the council for their second application for garaging.

Home Farm Buildings.
The application has been withdrawn. It is expected that an amended application will follow.Page one

Merrow Park and Ride/Golf Course.
The decision is to be made by the Secretary of State.

Invitations have been made for further correspondence/comments/objections. Cathy will follow this up.Action: Cathy.

1376 Financial matters

Cheques issued
5th July Roger Nickolds £315 (Reimbursement for village gardening work by Jim Bacon)11th July VAT returns £79.68

Cheques received
2nd July £23.35 tennis subs8th Aug £224.23 tennis subs

1377 Any Other Business

1. An e-mail has been received from Peter Smart of Cherry Cottage,
expressing concerns about

i. the verge and banks at the entrance to Back Lane, If there is a safety problem, then it is the responsibility of the Highways Department to cut these verges; it was agreed that this is not so and Roger will have a word with the owner of Clandon Manor Farm, asking them to tidy them up.

ii. the hedges alongside footpath 74. These are very overgrown.

Also mentioned, was the poor condition of the footpath continuation of the old Epsom Road as it joins up with the A246, and the overgrown nature of footpath 528, leading from Sawpit Lane back on to the Street.Mary will contact the SCC footpaths officer (Tim Powles) at SCC. Action: Mary

2. Sound Fencing.
The right hand panel has become loose from its supports, and 'wobbles' at the place where there is a gap for pedestrians to go through on to the A246.Mary will contact Guildford Fencing. Action: Mary

3. Concurrent Functions Grant Aid Scheme.
This is to be brought to the attention of the village, for suggestions whereby we might make use of this scheme, which provides up to 50% grant aid for one-off projects. Already suggested: the purchase of a secure storage system for our parish archives, possibly then to be kept in the village hall(currently kept in the garage of the previous parish clerk!); "Welcome to our village" sign(s); garden machinery. Mary will contact Geoff Nutt at GBC to ascertain if these suggestions are a suitable use for the Aid Scheme. Action: Mary

4. Information leaflets,
received from time to time by the Council which are of interest to the public. Because we have nowhere to display page two these, Ann will ask the Church PCC if they can be put on a table in the church. Action: Ann

5. Cllr Jenny Wicks brought the attention of the Council to a public meeting to discuss the plans for 6000 extra homes to be built in NE Guildford. This meeting is to be in West Clandon Parish Hall on 27th September. Village email?

The next meeting of the Parish Council will be on Monday 24th June

Dates of future meetings:

Monday 23rd September
Monday 28th October
Wednesday 4th December