Minutes of the East Clandon Parish Council Meeting
held in the Village Hall on Wednesday 4th December 2002

Mrs C McMullan (Chairman)
Mr R Nickolds
Mrs A Randall
Mrs M Leech (Clerk)

Mr R Molvidson
Cllr Jenny Wicks

Also present:
Cllr David Davis
21 members of the public

1391 Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting of 28th October 2002
These Minutes were amended as follows:
i. Item 1390 vii: (final word) ‘website.’
To read ‘ information e-mails.’

The Minutes were approved.

1392 Matters arising
Item 1390 vi. Membership of SAPTC (Surrey Association of Parish Councils) was approved, initially for one year (£120) to assess what benefits – if any – result from the membership. Action Roger.

1393 Financial matters
i, ii. Cheques issued and monies received. Council members were provided with an itemised summary of accounts since the last meeting
iii. Risk assessment. The sub-committee (Richard, Roger and John Evans) presented the meeting with a draft risk assessment document, asking for any further comments. They hope to have the document ready for formal adoption at the next Council meeting. Action Sub-committee.

iv. precept for 2003/4. the budget for the forthcoming year was approved, subject to a few amendments approved by the Council.
The Clerk will send the completed the Precept Request form, as approved, to GBC. Action Mary.

v. Financial Regulations. These were adopted by the Council.

1394 Traffic calming
The Report of the Feasibility Study prepared by Guildford Transportation Service has now been received. Cathy ran through the main recommendations for the benefit of the members of the public at the meeting. Also displayed were the relevant maps with outline drawings of recommendations.
After discussion it was decided to proceed as follows: early in the New Year, the relevant maps will (with the permission of the Churchwardens of St Thomas’ church) be displayed in the porch of the church. All villagers will be sent information and a questionnaire to complete. There will be an exhibition with a member of the transportation service available to answer questions.

1395 Sewage spreading
Members of the public voiced their distress caused by the smell.

Cathy has spoken with the Environmental Control officer at GBC. Untreated human waste can be spread on fields, according to DEFRA regulations, where industrial crops are to be grown. It has to be spread immediately upon arrival on site, with no ‘stock-piling’ allowed. The Environmental Control Officer told her that these regulations had been adhered to (although there had been a build up, due to the breakdown of spreading/ploughing machinery).
It was agreed that Cathy would write to Mr Porter, the farmer and a copy of this letter will be displayed on the village notice board/e-mail system in order to encourage members of the public to write as well. Action Cathy

1396 Planning matters

1397 Any other business
Freedom of Information Act. All councils are obliged to comply with this. Roger will adapt the form used by Shere PC, to be adopted by us at our next meeting. Action Roger.

The meeting closed at 9:45 pm

Proposed Dates of meetings for the coming year

Monday 20 January
Monday 24 February
Monday 7 April
Monday 19 May
Monday 7 July
Monday 1 September
Monday 13 October
Monday 24 November
Monday 5 January 2004

Mary Leech, Parish Clerk