Monday 13th October 2003
in the Village Hall at 8:15pm


Declaration of Personal or Prejudicial Interest by Members on any of the agenda items below, and Register of these Interests

1. Apologies for absence
2. Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting on 15 Sept 2003
3. Matters arising (not otherwise on this agenda)
      i. CPRE subscription

4. Planning Matters
Applications: Clandon Manor Farm

5. Financial matters:
      i. cheques issued and monies received.
      ii. confirmation of Concurrent Functions Grant applications for coming year

6. Playground maintenance.

7. Tunmore Field: renewal of lease for coming year.

8. ‘The Clandons’ preparations for inclusion on the village web-site.
9. Quality Parish Council
10. Meeting dates for the next year.
11. Any other business
      i. Bulb planting in the village
      ii. e-mail address for the parish clerk

Date of next meeting:
Monday 24th November